Jeff Jenkins is a filmmaker, robot and storyteller living in Los Angeles. He was assembled in an abandoned automotive plant outside of Detroit, Michigan. Since he is mostly computer anyway, it was a natural for Jeff to start his human career as a video editor where he cut spots for Microsoft, Air Jordan and even a Superbowl commercial for Bud Light. Then he tried his robo-hand at directing which filled his sensory protocols with delight. He has since shot campaigns for clients like Amazon, Big Lots and Ace Hardware. And he was the first robot to be included in Shoot Magazine’s New Directors showcase. In addition to commercial work, Jeff has a deep roots in sketch comedy. Since studying at UCB and Nerdist schools, he’s recently completed his second influencer driven digital comedy series for new media upstart, Brat. While Jeff does not totally agree with the forthcoming Robopocalypse, he hopes that his human peers will not judge him negatively in the precious few months they have left.